Process Controls

The Almor Group is a leading supplier of bespoke process control equipment to the heat treatment industry. Almor has many installations referencing the benefits of our advanced atmosphere control systems where we seek to deliver product quality improvements and/or cost savings to the end user.

Almor has developed two low cost atmosphere control solutions for gas carburising (Gaspro-C) and gas nitriding (Gaspro-N). ‘Gaspro-C’ is a range of three gas infrared analysers which accurately determine a furnace atmosphere’s carbon potential. These systems can be applied to batch furnaces either as a portable unit or fixed system and may be retrofitted.

Integrated furnace control systems are routinely built to customer specifications and typically include sensors, analysers, instrumentation, plcs and gas mixing panels. These are supported by a comprehensive after sales service.

For heat treaters we design and manufacture atmosphere control equipment principally for processes involving:

· Carburising
· Nitriding
· Carbonitriding
· Nitrocarburising
· Neutral hardening
· Vacuum Processing