Furnace Spares & Parts

Almor provide a comprehensive range of spare parts to support our customers during the life cycle of our own furnace designs (Wellman, Wild Barfield & Barlow Whitney) as well as other makes in the UK and overseas. We have exclusive access to the original manufacturing drawings and specifications of our own brand products.

Furnace Spares

  • Vestibule doors
  • Gaskets
  • Fans
  • Chains
  • Radiant Tubes
  • Recuperators
  • Burner Nozzles

Contact: Steve Cannon 0121 522 2522

More Spares:

  • Electric heating elements
  • Wire
  • Tape
  • Silicon carbide
  • Molybdenum disilicide
  • Mineral insulated
  • Gas burner spares
  • Combustion system ancillaries
  • Furnace fans
  • Nickel chromium alloy cast and fabricated parts


  • Ceramic fibre
  • Refractory bricks
  • Special shapes