Trevor Walton

Trevor heads up the company as Managing Director and works across all 3 sites.

On Thursday 9th September 2021 Dr Chris Allum (Founder of Almor) announced the appointment of Trevor Walton as his successor in the role of Managing Director.

This appointment will take effect immediately with Chris supporting Trevor in his own new role as the Chairman of the Almor Group. Trevor will join the statutory Board of Directors along with the existing statutory director Martin Leadbetter, former Chairman and CEO of Carbolite.

Trevor has worked in the thermal processing industry for just over 30 years, joining Almor in 2015 and heading up the Wellman Furnaces Division, within Almor, since 2017.

Based on this experience Trevor will continue to work closely with our customers (often large Blue Chip companies) to develop innovative thermal processing equipment and solutions to fulfill our customer expectations.