Furnace Fabrications

Furnace Fabrications – designed and manufactured to meet the Customer needs.
The Almor Group also designs and manufactures a wide range of alloy components for heat treatment applications at Nottingham as well as its Tipton facility in the West Midlands near Birmingham.

Almor also produce alloy fabrications for heat treatment plant:


  • Furnace Baffles
  • Corrugated Muffles
  • Corrugated Covers
  • Serpentine Grids
  • Radiant Tubes
  • Elements
  • Chains
  • Fans

Almor’s Tipton factory specialises in quick turn round small fabrications that are mainly associated with heat treatment jigs and fixtures for the aerospace and automotive industries. The workshop’s ability to react quickly also enables us to supply breakdown repairs and short and long-term solutions to keep Customers facilities in production.

The range of products includes bar frame baskets, furnace base grids, small component trays and rack systems, retorts and mesh products all of which can be manufactured to customer requirements.

Typical spares include furnace doors, radiant tubes, endo gas generators, component chutes, shaker trays, pipework and salt pots.

Contact our Tipton factory: +44 (0) 121 522 2522