The Almor Group has more than 70 years experience in custom fabrication.

We specialise in providing high quality fabricated equipment for use at extreme temperatures and under highly corrosive conditions. Today we are one of the UK’s foremost fabricators of offshore gas flare systems and a leading supplier of nickel alloy heat treatment equipment.

Our large fabrication facilities in Nottingham and Birmingham between them cover over 3000m2 with lifting capacity up to 20 tonnes.  At the heart of our fabrication facilities are teams of platers and welders who routinely work to international standards.

We help clients with quick turn round smaller fabrications associated with heat treatment jigs and fixtures for the aerospace and automotive industries. In addition, we routinely manufacture larger fabrications including large retorts, covers, muffles, radiant tubes, burner systems, flare tips and vessels and pipework.


Our highly skilled engineers and welders have the capability to carry out:

  • Fabrications to a tolerance of +/- 0.5mm, with a thickness range of 1mm – 30mm, working to clients drawings
  • Welding to ASME IX, BS EN ISO 15614 & 9606 to approved Weld Procedure
  • Non-destructive testing (dye penetrant/radiographic) testing with our qualified personnel working to procedures
  • Pneumatic and Hydrostatic testing, working to procedures, along with pressure recorders if required
  • Proof load testing of fabrications, working to procedures
  • Material certification and documentation for full traceability
  • Work with customers to satisfy their needs and delivery dates
  • In house corrugated sheets


Machinery Range

We work with a range of machinery across our factories including:

  • 4 sets – Pinch & Pyramid Rollers – ability to roll large/small cylinders and cones ranging from 1mm – 25mm thick
  • 6 overhead cranes with SWL of 5 t -20t, hook height of 6.4m
  • 4 press brake machines -bend and form materials ranging from 1mm – 15mm thick
  • Large Guillotine – capacity to shear 3m length of material up to 12mm thick
  • Plasma cutter machine – capacity to cut materials up to 20mm thick
  • Horizontal band saw – capacity to cut 250mm dia or 280mm square
  • Threading / cutting machine x 60mm dia
  • Various MMA, MIG and TIG welding machinery
  • Geka Punching and Shearing machine- capability to punch up to 50mm hole in 10mm stainless steel plate
  • Various pedestal drills & radial arm drills

Specialist Materials

We work with specialist materials that include:

  • Nickel Alloy Grades 330, 800HT, 601, 600, 400, 825, 625
  • Stainless Steel Grades 304L, 310, 316L, 253MA, 2545MO
  • Hastelloy C22, C276
  • Duplex and Super Duplex 31803, 32760
  • Other heat and corrosive resistant Stainless Steels & Nickel Alloys



Weld procedures

We have the ability to undertake a number of different weld procedures:

  • Fabricated pipes and cones to radiographic and ultrasonic standards
  • Internal diameters ranging from 150-3000mm and from 3-30mm thick
  • Process pipework
  • Spool fabrications